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Why Us


We believe bangles are not only a fashion accessory for women but also a way to express ones personality. A woman’s personal style is influenced by current fashion trends, and it is of utmost importance for leaders in the jewellery industry to stay updated on these trends. With a range of over 10,000 designs in bangles alone, Kanha Bangles prides itself in its ability to translate the latest expressions of style, combined with good workmanship, into its collection.


The success of Kanha Bangles till today is a testimony to our continuous and persistent commitment to quality. In all areas of our company, quality control is a continuous focus, because eventually we value our customers’ constant feedback & input the most.


In every aspect within our company, we strive to adopt the best practices in the industry. We continuously develop and innovate through relentless research of industry practices & customer preferences. We give our employees the required tools and the necessary training that will enable them tothrive in their field. Ultimately, it is our people that determine our capabilities.

Safety - No Copper, No Nickel

All the jewellery manufactured by Kanha Bangles is 100% nickel & copper free. We understand the need of jewellery that does not leave your skin itchy with a rash, and hence we worked harder to deliver the same quality of products without the harmful ingredients in it.

Wide Distribution Network

The retail distribution for this market requires perfect local implementations to fit the market specificities. Kanha Bangles has an extensive distribution network not only across India but also in Dubai, Oman & Qatar.

Excellent Customer Service

Buying anything expensive online can be a challenging experience. Our Customer Services team is here to help make it an enjoyable one. From technical queries to order information, they can be contacted by email or by telephone.

Quality Packaging

All our bangles are beautifully packaged keeping in mind the safety of storing our products. Our packaging is designed to make them an ideal gift & keepsake of your purchase.